New Update Marabunta Swarms the Game Table – In February 2012, I posted a review of what Asmodee expected to distribute and disperse in North America in 2012, with some inclusion given to Asmodee’s French and German discharges also.

New Update Marabunta Swarms the Game Table

New Update Marabunta Swarms the Game Table

Time for a report on what’s coming to North America from Asmodee, with numerous games from the past rundown previously being accessible, some having been deferred, and a lot more added to the discharge schedule. Here’s the present timetable, which is liable to change because of any number of conditions. (I’ve noticed a game’s unique distributer in enclosures as Asmodee frequently fills in as merchant for games from French and Swiss distributers.)


* Divinare (Asmodee)

* Monster Chase (Le Scorpion Masqué)

* Sidibaba (Hurrican)


* Dixit: Journey (Asmodee)

* Restocks of Eclipse, Jaipur and Mr. Jack


* 7 Wonders: Cities (Repos Production)

* Fame Us (Moonster Games)

* Noah (Bombyx)

* Serenissima (Ystari Games)

* Timeline: Discoveries (Hazgaard Editions)

* Restocks of Cyclades, Cyclades: Hades and Dice Town


* Barbecue Party (maybe this standard well disposed game)

* City of Horror (Repos Production)

* Lady Alice (Hurrican) (appeared in this BGGN post)

* Libertalia (Marabunta)

* Seasons (Libellud)


* Streams (still no information on this one)

* Timeline: Events (Hazgaard Editions)

* The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow – tenth commemoration version (Lui-même)


* 1929 Black Thursday (no information on this title or others beneath – soon I trust!)

* Crazy Circus (GameWorks)

* Dixit Jinx (Libellud)

* Dragon Rivers

* Eclipse development (

* Expedition Franklin

* Formula D: Circuits 4 – Redacted and To Be Named Later

* Sherlock Holmes (Ystari Games)


* Kemet (Matagot)

* Timeline – fourth set (Hazgaard Editions)

A couple of notes about different discharges:

– Asmodee will have Divinare and Dixit: Journey accessible at the Origins Game Fair, which begins, um, tomorrow May 30. Duplicates will be accessible at retail level soon subsequently. At Origins, Asmodee will likewise demo Noah and other pending discharges.

– The independent game Dixit: Journey is a restrictive discharge for the U.S., while the Dixit 3 development pack – which contains indistinguishable cards from Dixit: Journey, alongside two extra cards that substitute DJ’s special cards for before Dixit discharges – will be discharged wherever else and not sold straightforwardly in the U.S. (albeit a few retailers will unquestionably import the title).

– Asmodee’s Stefan Brunell says that the distributer’s two major discharges for Gen Con 2012 in mid-August – City of Horror and Seasons – are “still on schedule”.

– The names of the particular tracks in Formula D: Circuits 4 – Redacted and To Be Named Later are as yet being held hush-hush, and as Brunell noted in February, “This discharge is made particularly for the USA since we are the ones who requested it.” This extension will in any case debut at the World Boardgaming Championships in August as booked, however Brunell says issues with the generation have postponed its distribution and discharge until October.